10 Best Moscato Wine Brands You Must Try

It might always seem confusing when you go to buy wine for any social events or a get together with friends. When you don’t know what to buy, Moscato is the way to go. This wine is considered dessert wines and the best have a subtle sweet taste that is sure to please any palate. Moscato wine is made from high-quality muscat grapes. In many parts of the world and in many different environments this wine is enjoyed as a dessert wine. Unlike traditional wines, Moscato is best enjoyed young. The following will help you know more about Moscato wine brands, here are the top 10 Moscato wine brands you should try at least once in a lifetime:

 1. Barefoot Moscato

barefoot moscato wine

A very desired and tasty Moscato wine. It is citrusy and aromatic, Barefoot Moscato is rich in flavors. It has a sweet flavour to it because of the beautiful blend of apricots, peach, orange and lemon. This Moscato wine is made in California.

Villa Lanata Moscato Wine

2. Villa Lanata Moscato Wine

Comes from the region of piedmont, Villa Lanata Moscato is a white wine which has perfectly balanced the sweet and the fruity quality of the muscat grapes. This Moscato brand is easy on the wallet.

Moscato Allegro Wine


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3. Moscato Allegro Wine

A Californian Moscato brand that uses the Canelli variant of the muscat grapes. It is produced at cold temperature and is flavoured with honeyed apricot, with a punch of orange and peaches. Almost every wine lover is a fond of this brand.

Candoni Moscato Wine

4. Candoni Moscato Wine

This Moscato is produced by famous Italian Candoni winery, Moscato d’Italia. It has very low alcohol level and partially sparkling. This wine needs to be stored in at a constant temperature.

Flip Flop Moscato


5. Flip Flop Muscato

This wine is not very sweet but has a crunchy flavour to it. It goes really well with fish and steak. It definitely pleases your palate and you can always have this one alone or with any food and dessert.

Bartenura Moscato


6. Bartenura Moscato

This Moscato wins the applause of thousands. Anybody who is new to the wine world should start with this one. It will fill your taste bud with fruity flavour. This honey color nectar is best served chilled and have it with dessert.

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato


7. Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato

Jacob’s Creek is a blend of citrus and peach, an Australian Moscato brand. This is very bubbly and not cloying at all. A very light and drinkable wine.

Borgo Reale Moscato d’Ast wine


8. Borgo Reale Moscato d’Ast wine

This Moscato is also from an Italian winery Borgo Reale. It uses various muscat blanc and petit grains. A sparkling white one, one must try.

Middle Sister Moscato


9. Middle Sister Moscato

This Moscato is made with 100% Californian grape. A bit high in alcohol level compared to the other wines. But Middle Sister Moscato is considered as the evil of the Moscato group.

Ecco Domani Moscato


10. Ecco Domani Moscato

Great flavour of mandarin and honeysuckle. Fizzy Moscato with citrus flavour. Ecco Domani goes very well with spicy food and a great companion to your summer. This is also very budget friendly so anybody can give this wine a try. It is very easy to drink but hard to forget.

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  • Shantel Collins

    Bartenura and Eco Domani are my favorites from this list

  • delores potter

    Love the Flip-Flop.

  • David Lopez

    Arn’t you forgetting Brown Brothers Moscato wine? The also have a variety of Moscato blends: http://www.brownbrothers.com.au/products/6872-moscato/

    • Thanks for your comment, David.

  • Debbie Stringham

    Don’t forget Innocent Bystander. It’s definitely my favorite.

    • disqus_pI9c0SuBK4

      Innocent is the best on the market.

  • NintendoFreak

    Myx Moscato is really nice as well.

  • Dwight Brown

    +1 for Candoni. Easily my favorite

  • Brian Isbister

    The Littore Family from King Valley do an excellent Moscato, just slightly spritzed, with fantastic crunchy, grapey flavours. It is low in alcohol (5.5%), as all good moscato should be, and easy on the hip pocket to boot. It starts of sweet and finishes quite dry, with no cloying aftertaste, another sign of good moscato. A great accompaniment to any spicy Asian dishes.

  • Lissa B

    Best one I’ve had is Bigaro! Love Barefoot, Buona Sera, Mezzacorona…don’t even like Middle Sister, Flip Flop, or Jacobs Creek (not sweet enough!)

  • Indeed, many are still confused when it comes to choosing a wine for a get together with friends or family. Moscato is a sure way to please your guests, you can’t horribly fail with it. By the way don’t hesitate to check this out http://wheretoorderwine.com if you need other varieties of Moscatos.

  • Starr Lucas Wiliams